It wasn't that long ago that a sweet, young girl at a show told me her dream. She said she wanted to do what I did. Considering I had just met her, I wondered what it is she really thought I did, because to be honest, I barely know. She said, "I want be married to a celebrity." I almost choked on my cheap white wine.  Being married to a "celebrity," was actually the last thing I wanted.  When I fell in love with my husband, we were best friends in college. Russ was a valet at a hotel and he could barely fit inside his red Ford focus. If that is what you're hoping this post will be, just keep on clicking, because I am soooo not your girl if that's what you're looking for. 

When you really get into it, it doesn't matter if the whole world knows your name or just your home town, all that really matters is how you treat people.

When you look at someone, what do you see? Do you size them up or compare them to yourself? Do you see their successes or only their failures? Do you see who they are or who they are meant to be? Just for one day, try and only see the good in people. Find something, anything to compliment them on. Every. Single. Person.  Say their name and look them in the eye. See what happens. This gold digging.

It is easy to see the messy parts of people's lives. It is easy to focus on what you don't like so you can feel better about what you don't have. That's why it requires digging. If the gold was right on the surface anyone could see it.

Practical application: When it is a barista you don't know at Starbucks, it is okay for it to be surface level like, "Thank you so much, you're really kind." or "Your smile is really great." When it is a friend, spend time thinking on what they do really well or what they mean to you. It might feel like, "Well, she already knows that she's thoughtful," or "She already knows, she is beautiful..." but if we're honest have you ever been complimented too many times? K good, that's what I thought.

But there is a catch...

You have to start with yourself. I want you to write to yourself as a friend. If you were on the outside looking in, what would you admire about you? What would you tell yourself about your dreams and your talents? Write it down. The only escape out of the trap of comparison is confidence, let's start focusing on the gold in you. It is in there, I promise.

This is what I already know about you : You have purpose. You are on this planet for a reason and your gifts and talents are not an accident. You are not an accident. You are capable of changing the world and making it brighter. You are unlike anyone else, and that is on purpose. YOU ARE GOLD, go sprinkle it around.