Front Door Facelift

When we first bought our house, I wanted to immediately cover the whole thing in white paint. We bought a solid brick, 1960s home. With its stability in structure comes its orange toned brick with coordinating rusty orange roof. Considering we had just drained our savings account to purchase a house, the several thousand-dollar job to paint it would have to wait. Our first front door was a simple, solid steel door that was incredibly safe but also incredibly ugly. It was one of the first things to go. 

Instead of thousands of dollars on the entire exterior, we settled on $250 to give our front door a facelift and it truly changed the whole house. Our M.O. in changing our first little home is paint changes everything.


Bonus Buys

  • Topiaries : Faux plants from At Home, because LORD knows we aren't home enough to water anything and keep it alive!
  • Door Mat
  • Porcelain crocks : check your local flea market, that's where I got mine!


Have fun little DIYers


Kailey D