Front Door Facelift

A front door changes EVERYTHING. When we bought out house, one of the first things I wanted to do was paint the whole thing, including the roof! Yes, it's all that bad. You know that orangish brick and roof combo from the 60's? That's our house. Turns out painting the whole thing is a fairly expensive endeavor, like thousands and thousands of dollars kind of expensive. What was an option? Just changing our front door for less than $250 and it CHANGED EVERYTHING. We had a basic solid door, replaced it with this one, painted it, and voila! It's pacifying my need to douse the whole thing in white paint. Just the door changed a lot, but once I painted it this sweet blue I was OBSESSED. Here are all the deets my friends!

Paint Color : Summer Shower Green by Glidden Paints

Craftsman Door

*Handyman not included



Kailey D

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